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La Matriz Birth Classes & Workshops

Opportunities for individuals, couples, and students to learn about Childbirth + Postpartum Care.


Postpartum Sealing Worksh0p & Retreat

Postpartum  Healing Arts from Mexico

4 Day Workshop

 August 22nd-25th, 2019  Rosarito, Mexico

When I first offered this workshop 5 years ago, it started off as a two day workshop. I was worried that I would not have enough to share in those 16 hours.  Very quickly, I learned that two days is simply not enough time to share, learn, grow and integrate. I want to create a space where we can hold space for our own stories and healing. So much of traditional healing modalities can not be taught with words, you must feel, taste ,live and smell it. This takes time , it takes creating a safe space to do the work, feel the work and be the work. And so, I invite you to join me and my helpers this August in my beloved Baja California , Kumeyay Territory.

This will be our first retreat style workshop will incorporate all that is included in my 3 day workshop and much more. We will enjoy a relaxed and intimate setting at a private Rosarito home . The retreat will give us time to unwind and integrate all the happenings of the day. We will have chef Sewa Yuli from Mi Xantico guiding us , as they teach us some postpartum kitchen magic. We will enjoy the evenings around a bonfire and as we story tell , sipping on our artisan made atoles and cacao drinks. I will be inviting the local midwives and birth worker’s to join in and knowledge share with us as well.

Below are the preliminary details. More details will be emailed out as the dates approach.


Where: Rosarito, Mexico
When: August 22 – 25th, 2019

Check-In Wednesday August 21st 6pm
Thursday August 22nd 8am – 8pm
Friday August 23rd 8am – 8pm
Saturday August 24th 8am – 8pm
Sunday August 25th 8am – 8pm .                                                                      
Check-Out Monday August 22nd 10am 

Your workshop fee includes meals and lodging.

Meals (breakfast , lunch and dinner) will be provided Thursday the 22nd – Sunday the 25th. Meals will be cooked together , led by cultural chef Sewa Yuli of Mi Xantico . This will give you the opportunity to learn postpartum meals and recipes.  

We have secured a beautiful Rosarito home rental for our workshop and lodging accommodations. Check- in is Wednesday August 21st at 6pm , with a check out of time of Monday August 26th, at 10am.

Click here to view our rental: Casa Don Alfonso , Baja Mar

Workshop Fee : $1234.00 price through June 30th

Workshop Fee: $1,499.00 price as of July 1st

Deposit : $234.00

Balance to be paid one week prior to workshop. You will receive an electronic invoice by email.

Scholarships have been  provided to local BWOC residing in Baja California.

Special considerations: Babes in arms are welcomed.

Refunds will be made with a full 72 hour prior to the start of class. Refunds do not include the $234 nonrefundable deposit. No refunds are available if you are called out during any part of the training. You will receive an instructional handbook. Any amount not refunded is transferable for future workshops, services and products.

We live in a BIRTH focused maternity culture today. So many of us plan and prepare for the moment of our birth. Where to birth, who will be your support, what you’ll wear, what you’ll eat, how you want it to be, so on and so on. Your birth experience is the shortest (yes, powerful) part of your maternity journey. Your postpartum journey will be the longest. How are you preparing for that? Do you even know where to start?

Postpartum sealing rituals have been practiced by many cultures all around the world as long as  midwifery has been around.

This practice is more commonly known as Mother Roasting and Bone Closing. The particular practice I teach is native to Mexico, with indigenous roots mixed with post-colonial herbalism. This workshop is the result of oral tradition passed down by elders, traditional teachers, grandmothers interlaced with modern midwifery and body work. 

Postpartum Meal’s:

Chef Sewa Yuli of Mi Xantico will joining us and will be guiding us through kitchen ritual and postpartum meal preparations . This is a new addition that I am so excited about ! Sewa’s food is not only delicious but it is full of medicine and magic.

Herbal preparations: 

Discussion regarding harvesting rituals, introduction to plant medicine, peri- steam bath, belly binding oil, postpartum warming teas and herbal bath remedies. 

Body Work / Sobadas:

Body reading, bone holding, down regulation techniques and trauma informed touch skills.
Postpartum Rebozo Body Work:

Traditional massage techniques, manteada and rebozo bone closing ceremony. Learn the importance of realigning the body’s energetic centers, releasing stagnant energy and birth trauma, a healing practice for postpartum depression.

Warming full body herbal bath:

Learn how to provide a healing postpartum bath and re-introduce heat into the body with fresh herbs.

Belly Binding:

Principles and benefits of belly binding with faja and bandages. Basic principles of postpartum womb massage  and bone holds. Hands on practice with sobadas and binding application will be done during class. 

We will discuss how to incorporate these skills and practices to your own self care as well as to the clients your serve.

More questions? Email Tema at:

Body Reading for Sobadas

One Day 8 hour Workshop

This is an introductory workshop to go over touch skills for birth and body workers . The body reading portion will address trauma informed touch. How to read the body by monitoring breath, sensations, vibrations, affect and behavior. Reading the body is a powerful tool to unlocking the untold story that each body has to share. Paired with therapeutic touch we can work with the body and the nervous system to help unlock trauma and heal it self. Special attention will be paid to the pelvis. You will learn how to hold and listen to the bones, grounding practices and basic abdominal massage. This course is ideal for birth and body workers.

We will discuss how to incorporate these skills and practices to your own self care as well as to the clients your serve.


Full Cost $199

Students : $123 ( currently enrolled in school at least part time)

Repeat Participants: $123

Reserve your spot with a $50 deposit and pay the balance the day of the workshop.

More questions? Email Tema at:

Long Beach

February 23, 2019 8am – 5pm

811 East 7th Street, Long Beach Ca. 90813

Riverside Ca.

April 27th, 2019 9:00am – 5:00pm

Corazon Counseling

3742 Tibbetts St Suite 201, Riverside, CA 92506

What workshop participants have to say about this class…

“ We practiced hands-on body reading, consensual touch, bone holding, and sobadas. Tema reminds us that this medicine is to heal ourselves and our families and to share with others so they may heal themselves and their families. She holds an important distinction between helping others heal themselves and trying to heal for others. Tema offers accessible tools for how to incorporate strong boundaries, clear language, and true consent both for receiving and giving parties. Among many valuable lessons, Tema asks us to question the ways in which we’ve been taught to endure suffering and shame our pleasure. She offers meaningful tools for ways we can disrupt the inter-generational and lived trauma caused by patriarchy and colonialism”

Postpartum Belly Binding Workshop

Postpartum  Healing Arts from Mexico

December 1, 2018     9am – 6pm

San Diego California

Corporate Confrence Center

3954 Murphy Canyon Road; Ste D200

San Diego CA 92123

One Day Workshop

This workshop is designed for the birth worker, the mother, and the sisters and all those folx’s who want to provide a gentler more nourishing postpartum journey to themselves, families, and parents  they serve.

Postpartum Belly Binding has had a reemergence in the western world. Unfortunately, many times it has been taken our of context and has resulted in much mis- information. This eight hour class takes a look at the historical and cultural significance and values from which this practice originate from. Basic anatomy and physiology and common postpartum ailments will be addressed. You will learn principles and benefits of belly binding with faja and bandages. Basic principles of postpartum womb massage  and bone holds. Hands on practice with sobadas and binding application will be done during class. 

We will discuss how to incorporate these skills and practices to your own self care as well as to the clients your serve.

More questions? Email Tema at:

Work Trade Scholarship Opportunity

Submissions will close on November 1st, 2018

I value being able to give back to the community from which these practices originate from. This helps sustain equity in our communities so that these practices and services are being rendered to their natural inheritors . It helps restore balance of the practices lost within our community . It is an effort to balance that , that has become a luxury and a means of privilege to both the client and the practitioners . For these reasons this scholarship is available to Spanish speaking birth workers of color (BWOC).

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