Winter Cohort 2022:Mentorship for Aspiring Parterxs Application Copy

Winter Cohort 2022:Mentorship for Aspiring Parterxs Application Copy

Hello Aspiring Parter@,

Welcome to the application process! The purpose of this application is to ensure that this mentorship cohort is a safe and thriving container for all of us. It is also an opportunity to inquire if this is the correct next step for you in your journey. I encourage you to utilize this form to ask me questions you may have.

The mentorship support that I will offer you comes from my indigenous / mestiza background. Many of the emotional and spiritual support tools that I will share with you have a heavy Mexican and Red Road influence.

These are the basic requirements:

• You must identify as a BIPOC
• Have attended births in any capacity
• Identify as a Parter@ or future Parter@

Once your application is submitted, I will carefully review and respond to your application within one week. You will then have one week to enroll into the course before your spot is released to another applicant. I will only be accepting 33 applicants for this mentorship cohort.

Scholarships are now closed. If accepted you have the option of enrolling for the early bird pricing of $999.00 by Nov. 15th or the full pricing of $1111.00.

I look forward to learning more about you!


Partera Tema Mercado

There is an error message that pops up after submitting the application. Please do not re-submit another application . I will still receive your application and I will respond to it within 12 hours letting you know I received it. If you do not hear from please email me before you resubmit your application.