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Birth Stories

Testimonials and mini-birth stories from women who have worked and birthed with Tema.



There are no words to explain how grateful I am to Tema. Both of my sons have been blessed to have had Tema by my side during my labor. My first son, was a 42 hour labor and Tema handled it with patience, respect, and love.

She was so grounding through the process and was the reassurance I needed as a first time mom.

With my second son, Tema was my midwife, and we had a beautiful home birth.

She evoked the strength I needed to trust my body and listen to it.

I am forever grateful to her for giving me the support and wisdom I needed through the most beautiful experience I have ever had.” ~Elizabeth C.

Tema was my teacher, then my midwife turned doula, then my postpartum sealer, and an inspiration. I learned a lot in my encounters with her and through her connections in the community.  She remains a calm, informed, and experienced energy that helped empower me in all aspects of birthing. I struggle with what more to say because

the experience I had was so profoundly life-changing and spiritual that words escape me. Tema brings out the best in you which is what we hope most for in birthing support.

Only one can give birth, but the tribe will support you in the transformation to your best and strongest self – the one your baby needs more than anything else.” ~ Michelle M.

“Tema’s energy is so grounding, while at the same time empowering you into achieving your birth goals. I consider her a modern day medicine woman.

It feels like she channels the sacred energy and knowledge of our ancestors and brings it forth into modern birthing practices to create a safe and special space to bring your baby earthside.

She used aromatherapy and homeopathic remedies to help me through my labor and supported my husband during the process as well. My baby arrived less than an hour after we arrived at UCSD Birth Center, so while the labor itself was short, Tema supported us immensely during our first weeks postpartum. She did my placenta encapsulation, and visited with us in our home to help me process my birth story, visit baby Luna, and offered her wisdom on breastfeeding. As a first time mother, not having a clue as to what to expect… giving myself this gift of hiring a Doula, and being divinely directed to Tema was such a blessing I will remember and be grateful for the rest of my life.” ~ Mandy B.

“I really wish every new mama and mama-to-be had the benefit of the care and wisdom that Tema has to offer her clients and friends. She is so calm and serene and you can’t help but feel the same, even with all the unknowns ahead of you.

Tema helps you to believe in yourself and the fact that what you are about to go through is not really so unknown at all. Your body will know what to do…

Tema has a wealth of knowledge about childbirth, foods, herbs, nursing, you name it… she knows about it (or she knows where to go to find out about it). With all of the wonderful things I can say about Tema, it’s her knowledge of traditional rituals and remedies that really set her apart from the rest, for us. The baths, the teas, showing us how to use a rebozo to help move the baby down during childbirth… cómo me ayudó cerrar los huesos después del parto…  it made us feel at home. And I say “we” because Tema really was there for both me and my husband.

She will help your partners know how to help you when you need it, mamas. Helping women give birth is in Tema’s blood.

We wouldn’t have trusted anyone else with such an intimate time in our lives. It felt like she was supposed to be there and we’re so thankful that she was.” ~ Marisol E.


“Tema did a postpartum sealing for me and it was so wonderful and healing. Her presence is incredibly calming and steadfast –

She truly knows how to mother the mother.

I have also used her sitz baths and love them! I feel like the herbs really help to regulate and balance my body. She also made some pregnancy and postpartum teas for me, which are so yummy!!

I highly recommend Tema for all of your pregnancy, birth and postpartum needs. She is truly a gem, and her wisdom about the woman’s body is innate and intuitive.

~ Courtney S.

“Tema has the most soothing and grounding presence. She was our doula for the birth of our first baby.

We were planning for a natural birth at Birth Roots, but I was diagnosed with cholestasis of pregnancy and had to resort to a hospital birth.

We were a mess of emotions, but Tema came and helped us focus our attention on our baby and we were blessed with a fulfilling and powerful birth.”

~ Mara M.


“Tema is an amazing midwife who counseled me through the loss of my 4th pregnancy.  

She was able to give me medical, practical, and emotional help through the process of miscarrying my precious babe.  

I will be forever grateful for her warm and caring heart.  She has a true passion for midwifery and for helping women.  Thank you, Tema!”

~ Gabriela G.

“I felt very comfortable with her as she is easy to connect with and genuinely wants to help mom’s in birth and is willing to facilitate that process in the midst of labor chaos. The birth of my DS was amazing! While more intense than my first birth, I felt that

Tema knew instinctively how to calmly help me make progress and have the birth I dreamt of.

Throughout labor she used her rebozo, squeezed my hips, poured water on my belly (felt amazing), used essential oils, gave me gin zinc to kick start labor when needed, made me mint tea to assist with heartburn, and I could go on and on!

I can’t thank her enough for helping me have the natural birth I envisioned!

I would hire her again in a heartbeat.”  ~ Dee A.

“Tema is absolutely amazing!  My experience with her was more than I could have ever imagined.  She really went the extra mile to make sure that I was well prepared for a natural birth and well supported throughout.

Her skill set goes way beyond what other doulas can offer, which makes her such a gem to find.  I have a beautiful birth story that I love to share and no doubt will tell my son over and over as he grows up…. and I owe all of that to Tema, who kept me focused and grounded.  Her beauty radiates out from her soul, and you can’t help but trust her and follow her guidance.  I highly recommend her!” ~ Alison A.

“I have been fortunate to be a student under Tema for postpartum sealing and belly binding.

She is truly a master at her craft and any mother would be beyond blessed to have her as part of her birthing care.

She is an amazing example of what being a supporter of women should look like, and I hope that as I grow myself that I may be able to reach her level of knowledge and commitment.” ~ Ruthii S.


“Her ability to support me in advocating for my family was incredible. Additionally, her exceptional knowledge lead us to a healthy vaginal birth of a VERY strong baby girl.

Tema is knowledge, gentle, loving, supportive, strong, respectful, and encouraging.

We are blessed to have had her help bring in our baby girl!” ~ Christine B.

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