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STREAM Services
by La Matriz Birth

STREAM stands for:
Scar Tissue Remediation Education and Management
The purpose of STREAM is to raise awareness of the impact of scar tissue on pelvic pain, to help people suffering from scar-tissue related problems, and to train practitioners to be able to work with these people.
– Ellen Heed

As a midwife I was trained and learned how to provide basic perinatal care and how to resolve obstetric emergencies. I have a very hands on practice where I incorporate traditional therapeutic massage work known as sobadas. While sobadas have served such a healing wave in my practice, I knew there was still more to learn. My clients often came in discussing their body aches and pains during pregnancy and after birth. These common complaints are often regarded as simply something that happens when we have our babies. Many health care practitioners disregard the symptoms simply because they do not know how to help. I was ecstatic when I was given the opportunity to participate in the first STREAM practitioner training. Today I am happy to share this this healing therapy with my midwifery clients and the wider community.

What I learned at my STREAM Training:

STREAM is an integrative system that provides the skills to listen to and hear the whole story the body has to tell.

I listen to your body at multiple levels:


what happened to you and the impact it has had on your psyche at both conscious and unconscious levels.


how it manifests as tension patterns that affect posture.


how the free movement of the bones is affected.


how hormonal and dietary imbalances create emotional and physical tension.


how what happened is stored in the tissue as emotional/muscular tension.

What is STREAM work good for?

Scar tissue remediation works to resolve pain related to birth injuries, trauma and or surgery in the pelvis or pelvic floor. This may include but is not limited to the following:
  • birth, abdominal, pelvic and reproductive surgeries
  • biomechanical, postural, and physical imbalances
  • biochemical imbalances including bladder, gut and reproductive issues
  • gender reassignment surgeries, cosmetic genital surgery, and FGM.
  • bladder, cervical, uterine and rectal prolapses
  • cesarean scars
  • vaginismus
  • episiotomies and birth tears

“The visible scar on the skin’s surface is only the tip of the iceberg. These scars often lay down roots just like a tree underneath the skin. These roots may adhere to bone, muscles, nerves, and ligaments reeking havoc.

Pelvic scar tissue may spread creating adhesions attaching to the pubic symphysis (pubic bone), the hip flexors, pelvic floor, back muscles and vertebrae restricting movement and causing pain. Additional ramifications can include nerve damage, diaphragm restrictions that inhibit breathing and rev up the nervous system, low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, incontinence, neuromuscular dysfunction, loss of motor control of muscles in any body part, incontinence, bowel problems (such as constipation and IBS), and pelvic organ prolapse.” – Shan Brooke Kuder

Those are all the physical symptoms of a scar. The scar however is not just a piece of tissue, it is alive and it holds memory. It holds the memory of the assault on your body, it holds the memory of how you healed, it holds the memory of the emotion you lived.. Sometimes remediating scar tissue is about remediating the emotional ramifications that have been stored in the body. This is why STREAM work is so powerful! Acknowledging the Susto, in the body and engaging the nervous system is necessary for healing to occur at the root level.

What does a STREAM session look like?

Scar tissue remediation work happens in a one-on-one setting . Once you schedule your appointment with me, I will call you to chat on the phone and get to know each other a little. The day of the appointment we will check-in before beginning any hands-on therapies. We might start with some relaxation craniosacral holds to provide a safe container for our session . At some point, I will get on the massage table with you. I will remain fully clothed and use nitrile gloves.

The whole process will be led slowly and with a great deal of care.

The work might include hands-on external and internal (vaginal & rectal) manipulation for assessment and scar tissue remediation. I will listen closely to your body for clues . We will navigate and explore with trauma counseling and I will teach you self-care protocols, along with active relaxation tools. It takes all of these elements to remediate and manage scar tissue, minimize inflammation and to discourage its proliferation.

What consistent feedback do you get from your past clients?

My clients always appreciate my unique and caring presence. They appreciate the different therapies that I utilize. They say I am wise, encouraging, empowering yet calm.


is working with women and witnessing them transcend to higher manifestations of their true self.


Ready to begin?

Tema will be offering STREAM / Pelvic Health  the months of  June, July and August 2019 . You may schedule your appointments as of September 1, 2019